"The team brings its signature coal fired pizza to an intersection Jordan and Colleen have admired (and ate on) for years."

"Black sheep pizza uses its coal-fired ovens to put out some of Minnesota’s most righteous pies."

Featured as one of America's best pizzas on Best. Ever. with host Ted Allen.

“When the man at the oven puts his heart into the pie… the result is marvelous to behold.”

“Black Sheep features the Twin Cities’ first coal-fired pizza oven… and its pies benefit because coal burns hotter, cleaner, drier, and more evenly than wood or gas.”

“Giant coal-fired pizzas with chewy thin crusts and unique toppings are the highlight of Black Sheep's brief menu.”

“Construction of the pie is deliberate: a great pie worthy of any table.”

“…it’s good to be a pizza lover downtown these days.”

“Frankly, until I'd slid into one of the wide booths at Black Sheep, I'd forgotten just how much there is to adore about the simple experience that is a great all-American pizza.”

“…one of the best – if simplest – meals in town.”

“…...it’s so satisfying because Black Sheep has (darn near) perfected each element.”

“…the flavors were robust, and the crust thin and crispy.”

“…a welcoming pizza joint, which is at once comfortable and artisanal, and sports salads as phenomenal as its pie—not to mention some of the best sauce you're likely to find anywhere.”

“The signature pizzas at Black Sheep are very well thought out combinations.”

“this native New Yorker was very impressed by Black Sheep Coal Fired Pizza…”

“Black Sheep Pizza is known for serving some of the best pizza in the Twin Cities area.”

Black Sheep Pizza is listed as one of Jason DeRusha's 3 favorite local restaurants.

“In the flock of pizzerias, Black Sheep stands out.”