Introducing our 2019 partnerships for giving! This year we decided to try something new. Each month we are partnering with a different organization that is making a positive impact in our community and beyond. In our partnerships we will raise funds by donating a portion of every #1 pizza purchased, share the organization’s mission and the work being done, and get involved in local events.

2019 Partnerships

January– Youth Farm

“At Youth Farm we utilize food as a catalyst for social change, for community engagement, for leadership development – Food is our tool to change the world. We farm to educate and train through gardens and greenhouses. We cultivate leadership through year round programming focused on planting, growing, preparing and selling the food we grow.”

February– Friends of Hennepin County Library Library

“Our mission is to nourish minds, transform lives and build community together. We envision a Hennepin County where library services ensure every person has the opportunity and resources to read, graduate, engage, work and learn.”

March– We Are All Criminals

“We Are All Criminals is a non-profit organization dedicated to challenging society’s perceptions of what it means to be “criminal.” Through shared stories of those who committed or were accused of committing crimes, those who got away with them, and those who have been directly affected by the criminal justice system, we seek to erase the barriers that separate us.”

April– Raptor Center

“Established in 1974 as part of the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine, The Raptor Center rehabilitates around 1,000 sick and injured raptors each year, while helping to identify emerging environmental issues related to raptor health and populations. An internationally renowned education facility, The Raptor Center trains veterinary students and veterinarians from around the world to become future leaders in raptor medicine and conservation.”

May– The Loft Literary Center

“Founded in 1974 (incorporated in 1975), the Loft is a haven for readers and writers; one of the largest centers of its kind of the country. Our mission is to advance the artistic development of writers, foster a thriving literary community, and inspire a passion for literature.”

June– Art Buddies

“Since 1994, we’ve paired thousands of underprivileged children with thousands of creative adults. Art Buddies helps kids realize their creative potential, and discover that creativity can be a path to a successful future.”

July– Cycles for Change

“Our goal is to create platforms that authentically cultivate leadership development and social consciousness through bicycles and community involvement. Cycles for Change implements a variety of programs to accomplish our goal. Face-to-face connection and creating a welcoming environment are central to all of our programs.”

August– Center for Victims of Torture

“The Center for Victims of Torture works toward a future in which torture ceases to exist and its victims have hope for a new life. We are an international nonprofit dedicated to healing survivors of torture and violent conflict. We provide direct care for those who have been tortured, train partners around the world who can prevent and treat torture, and advocate for human rights and an end to torture.”

September– Operation Warm

“Operation Warm provides warmth, confidence and hope to children in need through the gift of brand new winter coats. We believe a brand new coat is more than a coat. Through serving millions of children in need across North America, we have seen that a brand new coat offers a child physical and emotional warmth, confidence to socialize and succeed, and hope of a brighter future.”

October– Planned Parenthood

“Planned Parenthood is passionate about three things: sexual and reproductive health care, education, and advocacy. At Planned Parenthood, you get expert care from an organization that shares your values.”

November– Diabetes Research Institute Foundation

“The Diabetes Research Institute Foundation (DRIF) is the organization of choice for those who are serious, passionate, and committed to curing diabetes. Its mission – to provide the Diabetes Research Institute with the funding necessary to cure diabetes now – is a testament to the belief that tomorrow is not soon enough to cure those living with diabetes.”

December– ACLU of Minnesota

“Founded in 1952 as the Minnesota Civil Liberties Union, the ACLU of Minnesota continues to protect the civil liberties of all Minnesotans through litigation, public education, and lobbying.”

Future Partners

Interested in being a Black Sheep partner or requesting a gift card donation for your event? Black Sheep Pizza supports local fundraising and charity events for organizations through the donation of gift cards and swag. Each year there will be 6 rotating spots for Donation Partnership Program, so please share with us organizations you’d like to see featured. We would like to grant all requests but we must limit the number of contributions and priority is given as follows:

Arts Organizations
Education Organizations
Social Service Organizations
Medical Organizations and Medical Research

Donation requests must be submitted 3-6 weeks prior to your event by mail to:

Black Sheep Pizza
Attn: Elizabeth Smith
600 Washington Ave N., Ste B101
Minneapolis, MN 55401

Please include the following with your donation request:

Name, date and description of event
Tax ID Number
Name, phone number, mailing address and email of a contact person.