At Black Sheep Pizza, we carefully curate our menu by selecting each ingredient in the pizzas, salads and grill items for great taste and quality. You get more than just a pizza or salad with us. You get research, experience and our love of good food.  Yes, we have been called gourmet and have also won numerous awards but deep down the focus at Black Sheep Pizza is our guests.  Every day we roast our red peppers, peel our own garlic, and use pounds of fresh herbs in order to send every guest out the door happy and satisfied.  Our in-house made sausage and meatballs, variety of craft beers, and delicious market salads are sure to win you over!

#1 Cheese & Sauce

As classic as it gets, but also the most difficult to master. A good cheese pizza is a true test of quality. The #1 is made with our own dough recipe, Wisconsin whole milk mozzarella, the best tomatoes, fresh oregano and extra virgin olive oil from California.

#4 Meatball, Ricotta & Garlic

Imagine a New York style pizza that tastes like lasagna! We make the meatballs from Jordan’s recipe he developed for his family when the kids were little, all natural beef, our fennel sausage, garlic and onions combine to make this family favorite. To that we add hand packed whole milk ricotta, fresh basil and sliced garlic. 

You can also get the meatballs as an appetizer baked in deeply flavored marinara.

House Salad

When we started out we knew that we needed a house salad that would be as stellar as our cheese pizza. We start with field fresh romaine, tomatoes and mushrooms then top with paper thin onions,  estate grown Kalamata olives and Pecorino Romano. We dress it with a creamy Italian dressing that Jordan learned working at a French hotel in the mid 80’s, they made it 20 gallons at a time!

Eggplant Dip

We char, peel and then chop loads of Chinese eggplants with garlic, lemon, chili flakes and great extra virgin olive oil to make this dip. It is served with the house made bread and a couple Kalamata olives to make a great snack! Enjoy it as an appetizer, have it with anything from the grill, or use the remainder with your #1 cheese pizza and spoon it on the crust. Crazy good!

Spicy Lamb Sausages

From the grill to your heart, we’re here to impress you. All natural lamb, our harissa and love go into making these North African beauties. The French call them Merguez. Served with our spicy pickled vegetables and house made bread.

Ready to taste the food of our labor? We’d be delighted to have you. Stop by one of our three locations (or our MSP outpost) to give quality a try.