Black Sheep Coal Fired Pizza


  • “Black Sheep Pizza is known for serving some of the best pizza in the Twin Cities area.”
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  • “The team brings its signature coal fired pizza to an intersection Jordan and Colleen have admired (and ate on) for years.”
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  • “Black sheep pizza uses its coal-fired ovens to put out some of Minnesota’s most righteous pies.”
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  • Featured as one of America's best pizzas on Best. Ever. with host Ted Allen.
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  • “When the man at the oven puts his heart into the pie… the result is marvelous to behold.” - City Pages
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  • “Construction of the pie is deliberate: a great pie worthy of any table.”
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    “Black Sheep features the Twin Cities’ first coal-fired pizza oven… and its pies benefit because coal burns hotter, cleaner, drier, and more evenly than wood or gas.” - Mpls.St.Paul Magazine
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  • “…it’s good to be a pizza lover downtown these days.” - Metro
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  • “Frankly, until I'd slid into one of the wide booths at Black Sheep, I'd forgotten just how much there is to adore about the simple experience that is a great all-American pizza.” - Star Tribune
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  • “…...it’s so satisfying because Black Sheep has (darn near) perfected each element.” - Heavy Table
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    “…one of the best – if simplest – meals in town.” - Heavy Table
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  • “…the flavors were robust, and the crust thin and crispy.” - Secrets of the City
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  • “…a welcoming pizza joint, which is at once comfortable and artisanal, and sports salads as phenomenal as its pie—not to mention some of the best sauce you're likely to find anywhere.” - A.V. Club
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  • “The signature pizzas at Black Sheep are very well thought out combinations.” - The651.com
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  • “this native New Yorker was very impressed by Black Sheep Coal Fired Pizza…” - Slate
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  • “Giant coal-fired pizzas with chewy thin crusts and unique toppings are the highlight of Black Sheep's brief menu.” - Midwest Living
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  • Black Sheep Pizza is listed as one of Jason DeRusha's 3 favorite local restaurants. - Eater Minneapolis
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  • “In the flock of pizzerias, Black Sheep stands out.” - The Villager
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