When selecting the destination for a first date, there are several schools of thought. You can book a reservation at the best restaurant in town or take your perspective sweetie to the local dive. We think somewhere in between is the perfect blend. What does that look like, you might ask?

The vibe? Relaxed, yet welcoming. The location? Intimate, yet convenient enough to transition to the next activity. The food? Pizza, because literally no one dislikes pizza. 

As if you needed further reasoning, see our top five for why pizza is a great first date destination below!


This person you have invited into your life – are they adventurous with jalapeños and olives? Trendy with goat cheese and pineapple? Classic with a plain cheese or basil and cracked pepper? Do they like to indulge with extra spicy sausage? Are they an off-the-menu or a choose-your-own adventure type? These elements may seem small, but can also be telling of mutual taste preferences. And hey, they can provide some conversation to get you going!


You don’t need to be a sommelier to know pizza goes great with wine. And beer. And cocktails. And soda. There’s no pressure with pizza to make sure you’re ordering the right pairing. BONUS: in the case that you over-imbibed to shake off any pre-date jitters, pizza can help with that, too.


Let’s face it – eating on a first date can be AWKWARD. Between clumsy cutlery and biting into a grizzly piece of meat, sometimes it can feel like avoiding food altogether is the better solution. Pizza sets the perfect stage. No silverware necessary! You get to eat with your hands! There’s a kinda sexy, kinda fun, kinda easy, kinda cool vibe to eating with your hands. No one is taking themselves too seriously when they are enjoying a pizza. 


The casual brush of a hand while grabbing the next slice can reach near-Lady and the Tramp level romanticism. Admittedly, pizza doesn’t provide the near-kiss noodle moment of spaghetti, but there is a romantic component about sharing your first meal. You get to decide on the toppings together and delight in the experience of savoring your masterpiece. HOT TIP: worried about sauce on your face? Ask your date! It removes the embarrassment factor if you actually are sporting some marinara and if you don’t? It never hurts to draw your date’s attention back to your face. 😉


One of the great things about taking a first date to pizza is the leftovers. You’ll likely have them and you can do one of two things. If it was good, make a plan to meet up and eat those leftovers. Maybe it’s after a walk around the lakes or with ice cream during a weekend adventure. If it was bad, take the leftovers and run! Sometimes cold pizza during a Netflix binge is even better than the date itself.

Pizza is always a win (like we had to convince you), but consider it next time you’re planning a first date. Stop by one of our three locations (or our MSP outpost) to give quality a try.